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Scipio ERP Brings Mailchimp Automation to Your Storefront

Scipio ERP is excited to announce its latest integration addon, which adds Intuit Mailchimp marketing automation and email marketing capabilities to the platform. The integration allows users to add members to contact lists, check for existing subscriptions, customize cookie settings, and more. Plus, with Mailchimp’s advanced features like newsletters, marketing campaigns, timed mailings & reminders, and reports & analytics, users can take their online stores to the next level. Get ready to start connecting with customers across multiple channels!


  • Add members to a given contact list (configurable through properties)
  • Checks for existing subscriptions before adding.
  • Customizable cookie (mc_subscribe) to indicate subscription status (subscribed, failed, dismissed)
  • Handles internal (ScipioERP) contact list (optional). If set, triggers internal contact list ECAs (subscription email verification/confirmation)

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