DHL is one of the top 3 shipping carriers in the world used by may companies and individuals world wide. This addon basically comprehends the integration into ScipioERP required to operate with the DHL DE API, targeted to  for customer businesses located in Germany. 

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This addon is included in our Enterprise Edition. Follow this instructions in order to download and install it into your existing ScipioERP instance. Ultimately run this command:

./git-addons pull dhl-de


Once you have your addon installed you will have to load the data required in order to make the addon work properly.

For a development environment, issue this command:

/git-addons install-demo dhl-de

Or for a production environment, you will have to issue:

/git-addons install-production dhl-de

At this point you can configure it through  ./addons/stripe/config/

It is important to mention that this addon requires a shop component setup for Germany, so it is recommended to use in conjunction with Shop (DE) or just setup your shop with a facility located in Germany.


DHL DE offers a variety of shipping related operations that can be done. Their APIs are separated in two groups, Packet APIs and Post APIs. Some have been implemented in this addon whereas others may be implemented in the near future or not planned to be implemented, unless there is a huge demand for such features. In this particular case two Packet APIs are included in the integrations which are Business customer shipping and Retoure (returns)

Currently ScipioERP DHL DE  implementation covers the following features:

  1. Packet APIs:
    1. Business customer shipping implemented operations
      • getVersion
      • validateShipment
      • createShipmentOrder
      • updateShipmentOrder
      • deleteShipmentOrder
      • getExportDoc (comming soon)
      • getLabel
      • doManifest
      • getManifest
    2. Retoure (returns)
      • returns

The following will be likely supported in future releases:

  • Shipment tracking (Packet API)
  • Location search Germany (Packet API)
  • Parcel management API (Packet API)

Business Customer Shipping

Shipment Order Operations

A very common scenario comprehends de ability to select DHL DE as a shipping carrier option in frontend (normally an online shop). Then in backend, when the order gets approved and shipped, the whole process starts so the shipment is sent to DHL DE and gets processed. If successful, one can download the shipment label afterwards. See screenshots below:

Create Order using a German Customer
Ship Entire Order

Select a DHL DE shipping method
Download DHL Label

Integration heavily relies on products having measures or at least weight setup properly. It may be the case that for some demo products these are not present so shipping will fail.

On the other hand, demo data provided contains current products and services DHL DE currently offers while this post has been written. This include quantity breaks as all as box dimensions, etc. everything quite susceptible to be adjusted to meet the contract/agreement the customer has with DHL DE.

Handling Manifest and Export Docs

The integration allows to generate manifest and export docs. All documents generated are stored in the file system, so there’s no need to generate them twice.

Lookup for existing manifest or generate new ones

Generate the manfiest or find existing ones

Export Documents will be available in future releases of this addon.

Retoure (returns)

When an order has been shipped with DHL DE, it is possible to create a return shipment. It is just a matter of proceeding like returning any other order but in this case, when the return is accepted, only possible in backend), the corresponding label will be generated and stored so the customer who requested the return can use it in the package. See the screenshots below:

Create a return
Accept a return