Import / Export


The “Import/Export” provide various tools to export and import data in various formats:

  • Data File Tools – Export Data to a preconfigured file
  • Entity Eo Model Bundle – Export tool for Entity Object Model definitions
  • Induce Model XML from Database
  • Programmable Export – Groovy console that can be used to create a map, which is then transformed into XML
  • XML Data Export – Export data from a set of entities. Will create seed data files.
  • XML Data Export All – Exports all data to an output directory, limited by start date. Will create seed data files.
  • XML Data Import – Imports XML Seed data from file, or via textarea
  • XML Data Import Dir – Import XML seed data files from directory
  • XML Data Import Readers – Reloads data based on reader (seed, demo, ext or other)