Fresh Relevance

Personalized cross-channel experiences

Fresh Relevance is a powerful personalization platform that helps businesses increase revenue with more engaging experiences across websites, apps, emails, SMS and ads. The integration of Fresh Relevance with Scipio ERP allows users to take advantage of the platform’s powerful features and easily manage results to optimize output. Our addon adds a set of easy-to-use macros, cached results and a flexible API.


  • Personalize website content, emails, SMS and ads
  • Automate marketing campaigns and product recommendations
  • Measure results in real-time with advanced analytics
  • Integrates with Scipio CMS as well as your other CRM, CMS and other third-party systems
  • Create and manage A/B testing experiments
  • Easily manage results and optimize the output
  • Weekly reports on the performance of your personalized content


  • Increase customer engagement and drive more conversions
  • Take advantage of the latest personalization trends
  • Automate marketing campaigns and product recommendations
  • Measure the impact of personalized content in real-time
  • Provide a better customer experience with targeted content
  • Increase efficiency by automating campaigns and tasks


This addon is included in our Enterprise Edition. To install the addon, open a new command line window, browse to your scipioerp installation directory and run the following command:

./git-addons pull freshrelevance


Once you have your addon installed you will have to load the data required in order to make the addon work properly.1

/git-addons install-production freshrelevance

Create an algolia account and create an API key. Add the credentials to ./addons/freshrelevance/config/