Apache Solr

Apache Solr, a modern search engine solution, is fully integrated into the system and delivers content in a highly scalable environment. Next to delivering fast search results, SCIPIO ERP also relies on SOLR as a content provider for the SCIPIO ERP Store. On our large-scale production environments we noticed that SOLR is often better suited for the delivery of static content.

In addition, SOLR adds the following functions to the framework:

  • Facetting
  • Searching
  • Content hierarchies (Used inside the shops category system)
  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities
  • Stemming and Formatting
  • etc.

SCIPIO ERP integrates the Admin interface through its own dashboard. You can access it inside the admin application.

Note: New products are added to the SOLR index based on Event Condition Actions (defined in: /applications/solr/entitydef/eecas.xml).