Human Resource Management

Profile Example

Profile Example

The human resource management application (“HR”) is designed to simplify the management of employees and to standardize the recruitment and training process inside of companies. It is here, that new openings (employee positions) can be created and applicants can be evaluated.

The human ressource management application gives detailed access to employee information. All skills, qualifications & trainings, position history, leave (vacation &   medical) and even their payroll history can be stored and accessed. The application is interconnected with the User Management application, which contains all the detailed information to a particular user (in a way, being an employee is just a specific attribute to an otherwise existing user).

The application is split into the following subsections:

  1. Applications
    1. Search
    2. Application Detail
  2. Employees
    1. Search
    2. Employee Profile
      1. Employee Position
      2. Employments
      3. Leave
      4. PayRoll History
      5. Profile
      6. Qualifications
      7. Skills
      8. Training
  3. Leave
    1. Employee Leave
    2. Leave Approval
  4. Positions
    1. Search
    2. Position
      1. Employee Position
      2. Fulfillments
      3. Reporting Structure
      4. Responsibilities
      5. Summary
  5. Recruitment
    1. Internal Job Postings
      1. Approval
      2. Internal Applications
      3. Job Interview
      4. Relocation
    2. Job Requisition
  6. Settings
    1. Employee Leave Type
    2. Job Interview Type
    3. Pay Grades
    4. Position Types
    5. Public Holiday
    6. Responsibility Types
    7. Termination Reasons
    8. Termination Types
    9. Training Class Type