Webstore configuration example

Webstore configuration example

(Web-)stores are the combination of a website endpoint (website) and a product store (sales channel for products). Product store and website management are both supported through the Catalog backend application. It is easiest to think of both as configurations for the underlying shop component, which contains the code to visualize everything to the online customer.

Most store configurations can be changed through this interface, with the exception of some website container settings which must be set through standard Java servlet web.xml files and the creation of new site mount-points which requires some straightforward additions to container configuration files.

Both product store and website settings can be modified from the interface and include (but are not limited to):

  • Meta information (Title, sub-title, company name etc.)
  • Shipping and estimates
  • Payment
  • Warehouse & Inventory settings
  • Website settings (domain, security, visual themes, etc.)
  • Promotions
  • Catalogs, categories and products
  • Tax
  • Email Configuration
  • Shopping Cart configuration
  • Order configuration