Enterprise Resource Planning


Powerful Business Applications

Scipio ERP isn’t your standard ERP software, it is a full business solution. We provide you with a wide range of business applications that you can customize to your every needs.

Use our applications to build your own business processes or alongside your existing business ERP systems.

Business Applications

Business processes for your every need.

Scipio ERP offers a large array of business functionality, clustered across various applications. Every application can be customized and extended. Each application can reuse each others datamodel and functions.


Features: Accounts Payable & Receivable, Billing Accounts, Chart of Accounts, Contracts, Controlling, Financial Accounts, Fixed Assets, Invoices, Journals & Payments.

Accounting is based on US-GAAP, international accounting standards are available as premium addons.

Asset Maintenance

Features: Fixed Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Task Management & Warehouse Management (connected with Warehouse Management Application)

Catalog Management

Features: Product (Physical, Virtual/Digital, Configurable or Subscription based), Category and Catalog management, Price, Tax and Promotion Management, Product Content Management and Store Management.

Content Management

Features: Page Editors, Template Management, Media Management, Import&Export functionality.

The CMS is hooked into our templating toolkit, interconnects with the Controller and fully supports Screens, Widgets & Decorators

Customer Relationship Management

Features: Analytics, Sales Force Automation Management (Leads, Opportunities, Contacts & Accounts), Calendar, Marketing Tools (Tracking, Segmentation & Campaigns), Service Management (Communication & Requests)

Human Resource Management

Features: Application Management, Employee Management (Employee Profiles, Qualification Management, Skills, Payroll History etc.), Leave Management, Positions, Recruitment Management

Order Management

Features: Multi-Channel Order & Return Management (including partial shippings, partial returns, backorders etc.), Statistics, Customer Requests, Requirement Management & Quotes.

User Management

Features: Communication Management, Invitation Management, Logged-In Users, Management of user accounts, user-groups & permissions, Access Management and Statistical Data on Visits.

Warehouse Management

Features: Shipment Gateway Configuration, Shipment Management (including Route Segmentation, Shipment planning, Packaging etc.), Warehouse Management (Inventory Management, Packing, Picking & Scheduling).

Developer friendly & Customizable

Development shouldn’t be difficult! Scipio ERP ships with an extensive templating kit that is easy to learn and leans itself to standardization. We wrapped the most common features of modern html frameworks in an extensive macro library. From the basic content element to charts & sliders – our freemarker library should ease your way into modern web development.

Modular & Extendable

Every business is different, that is why Scipio ERP is built to be customized to your need. Most aspects can be configured through our intuitive web-interface. The rest can be adapted by our standardized module system. The business applications deliver an overarching toolset for every business: from manufacturing to warehouse & order management, from human resource management to accounting.

Modern Themes

Scipio ERP is built to seperate your app development from the overlaying theme. Screens are built on our extensive templating framework, that can be customized by the themes. The default themes are based on the popular Zurb Foundation framework. A Bootstrap variant is available for purchase.

Like What You See?

Scipio ERP’s Community Edition is available as an Open Source project. Download your copy today!