Developer Documentation

In the following section you will find developer docs that should give you an overall understanding of the more important aspects of SCIPIO ERP development. We highly recommend to start with the architecture, as it will guide you through the source itself and also outline how the technologies work together.

SCIPIO ERP started out as a fork of the Apache OFBiz project and remains compatible. So the Apache OFBiz documentation can be helpful for general references. In addition, the following books are a recommended read to ease your way into development.


The Data Model Resource Book Vol. 1-3

Len Silverston


ISBN/EAN: 9780471380238, 9780471353485, 9780470178454

Apache OFBiz Development: The Beginner's Tutorial

Jonathon Wong, Rupert Howell


ISBN/EAN: 9781847194008

Apache OFBiz Cookbook


Ruth Hoffman


ISBN/EAN: 9781847199188

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