Set up your workstation!

Eager to try your hands on the system? Then set up your workstation (guide below) and then head over to our developer docs for some detailed information around Scipio ERP development.


Developer Tools

Download our IntelliJ IDEA integration!

Our IDE plugin for IntelliJ IDEA is specially designed for an ideal developer workflow. The plugin is compatible with all IntelliJ IDEA editions and comes with a range of support functionality you truly don’t want to miss out on.

Intellij Integration

Project Import

Run the project importer to easily setup your Scipio ERP developer environment.

Templating Toolkit Editor

Our templating toolkit editor supports syntax highlighting, auto-complete, in-place documentation, structured view and more.

Config File Editor

Edit all Scipio ERP configuration files (screens, services, entities, components etc.) with ease. Features include a structured view, “component:…” url recognition, auto-complete, in-place documentation and more.

Run & Debug

Use the run/debug templates to easily test and debug your own sources. Add your own build-tasks and customize to your own comfort.

IntelliJ IDEA Setup

Follow these simple steps to setup your Scipio ERP workstation. Use our “Run/Debug” template to easily debug Scipio ERP from inside IntelliJ IDEA. Customize the highlighting colors to your own liking.

Download IntelliJ IDEA

Download Intellij IDEA or use your existing Intellij installation. The plugin is compatible with the IDEA community edition.

Install our integration

Open “File” > “Settings” > “Plugins” (CTRL+ALT+S) and search the marketplace for “Scipio ERP”. Install the plugin.

Import Scipio ERP

Open “File” > “New” > “Project from Existing Sources” and select your project root directory. Choose “Import project from external model” and select “Scipio ERP”. Follow the install wizard.

Further Reading

Scipio ERP started out as a fork of the Apache OFBiz project and remains compatible. So the Apache OFBiz documentation can be helpful for general references. In addition, the following books are a recommended read to ease your way into development.


The Data Model Resource Book Vol. 1-3

Len Silverston


ISBN/EAN: 9780471380238, 9780471353485, 9780470178454

Apache OFBiz Development: The Beginner's Tutorial

Jonathon Wong, Rupert Howell


ISBN/EAN: 9781847194008

Apache OFBiz Cookbook

Ruth Hoffman


ISBN/EAN: 9781847199188

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