New CMS Features: Scipio ERP

New CMS Features: Scipio ERPWe have a quick update for you! The CMS component in Scipio ERP just received the following new features: - management of redirects (301, 302, 303,...) - robots.txt management - Bing index now integration   Get in touch with us if you...

New Addon: DHL Integration

New Addon: DHL Integration

We have just released our new DHL integration to the ever expanding list of enterprise add-ons. With this component you benefit from a fast and simplified shipping process. It allows you to calculate the shipping costs directly based on all goods in the shopping cart...

New: Bootstrap 4 themes – now open source

Catalog Application using Ignite Admin theme We are glad to announce that our Ignite - Bootstrap 4.0 based themes have been moved to Community Edition, so now everybody can benefit from such nice and functional themes for front-end and back-office applications. These...

New Addon: WordPress Integration

New Addon: Wordpress IntegrationMarketers love Wordpress for its ease-of-use, wide-ranging plugins and simple setup, but when it comes to integrating your blog to your online store, Wordpress can be a challenging task to handle. In the past we’ve often opted for...

Google Shopping API

Google Shopping API

Now available for the SCIPIO-ERP addon system: google-shopping adds full support for indexing documents to Google’s Shopping Content API with focus on Products.

IDEA Integration: License changes

“Scipio ERP – IDEA Integration” will be moved to the IDEA marketplace and turned into a commercial plugin. A 30 day trial is available. Existing customers & supports of the project can reach out to us for free license keys and discounts.

Scipio ERP Release: 2.0.0

Scipio ERP 2.0.0  is here and it is another evolution of the software. For this release we focused on security, continuous integration, various application improvements and new developer tools, while also adding further premium plugins for our Enterprise clients.

New: Major League Demo Store

Let's not kid ourselves: Scipio ERP is most often used by mid- to large-size businesses who are looking to add a complex e-commerce store to the mix. It is a niche in which our clients demand an enormous feature-set, coupled...

Software Updates in April

April saw a general focus on overall code quality & security and put our attention to the human resource application and user profile pages. We realized that an application for keeping track of your own time was missing ever since we launched Scipio, so we decided on bringing back the “Workeffort” application.

Questions from the inbox

Scipio ERP is a flexible development kit that can be used for countless business applications. We receive a lot of questions about the software, so we figured it would make sense to document some of the answers.

New: Customer Reviews & Ratings

Nothing beats proper customer recommendations. When it comes to making eCommerce sales, allowing users to review and rate products is often a desirable function. As we are always on the lookout for new and exciting eCommerce functionality, we are now introducing our own review and rating system to the Scipio ERP eCommerce application