The shared calendar (“CRM » Calendar”) is utility function, which can be used to organize company wide events. Each calendar is non-user specific and shared with all parties with access to it. It is possible to switch between a day/week/month view. New events can be added by clicking on the  “[+]” Icon next to the respective date. A new Screen will open up, which allows new events to be added. The following options are available:


  • Event Name (mandatory)
  • Status
    • Accepted
    • Tentative
    • In Planning
    • Completed
    • Confirmed
    • Planned
    • Needs Action (Approved)
    • Semt
    • Declined
    • Delegated
    • Cancelled
  • Description
  • Event Type
    • Available
    • Business Travel
    • Event
    • Meeting
    • Milestone
    • Personal Time off
    • Public Holiday
    • Training
  • Scope
    • General, public access
    • Restricted, private access
    • Very restricted, confidential access
  • Start-Date & End-Date

Once created, users can be assigned to the events.