Data Category Tree

Scipio ERP Data Category Tree


A large predefined category tree dataset useful for all business types.

The package comes with a (4-tier) hierarchy of nearly 2000 categories & subcategories.
In total there are 17 base categories, spanning across various product types:

  • Cosmetics and Fragrance
  • Kids
  • Clothing
  • Movies
  • Antiques & Art
  • Literature
  • Computers and Consoles
  • Vehicles
  • Home & Garden
  • Household
  • Music
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Hardware
  • Other

The hierarchy is based on a vast catalog of physical goods, which are most common today. The component comes with Excel-Sheets containing the category-data and a nested-set defintition (so it may even be used in other SQL applications).

What’s included

  • Seed Data for a complete category tree – ranging over 2000 categories & subcategories
  • Excel sheets containing a hierachical list & nested set of all categories, including descriptions.
    • info/DEcategorydata.xls
    • info/ENcategorydata.xls


Addon installation

Scipio ERP provides a simple bash script to manage all addons. Detailed installation instructions are available on the Scipio ERP website. For help, simply type on the console:

./git-addons help