We want our systems to be the most secure and safe for everyone.

We encourage our users to report any vulnerabilities they discover to us. We have a dedicated team of security professionals who work hard to keep our systems secure and appreciate any feedback or patches that users can provide.


Scipio ERP: A safe solution

We want your software to be safe!

Scipio ERP implements a long list of countermeasures against the OWASP Top 10 Security Risks. External Libraries are scanned for disclosed CVEs and updated frequently to keep you and your software safe. We offer Service Level Agreements to keep you and your software secure!

Report Security Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability disclosure can be sensitive. If you think you’ve encountered a security issue in the Scipio ERP framework or any of its addons, please use only the following form to report it directly to us. This allows us to address the issue and if needed produce a solution safely before the issue is publicized. Include as much detailed information as possible. If you wish, you may include an e-mail address so that we may follow up, notify or credit you.

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