SCIPIO Accounting Manager Accounting

Accounting (“Accounting”), is a software application that records and processes accounting transactions within the system. The component gives access to various type of information, that are useful to manage accounts and generate reports. The application also contains functionality for controlling & contract management. All in all, the application contains:

  1. Accounts Payable
    1. Payment Groups
    2. Invoices
    3. Payments
    4. Reports
  2. Accounts Receivable
    1. Payment Groups
    2. Invoices
    3. Payments
    4. Reports
  3. Billing Acocunt
  4. Chart of Accounts
    1. Account Navigation
    2. Chart of accounts
    3. Accounting Transactions
  5. Contracts
  6. Controlling
    1. Budgets
    2. Cost Centers
  7. Financial Accounts
  8. Fixed Assets (Asset Management)
  9. Import Export
    1. Export Accounting Transactions
    2. Export Invoices
  10. Invoices
    1. Invoices
    2. Commission Run
    3. Commission Report
  11. Journals
    1. Accounting Transactions Overview
    2. Transaction Totals
    3. Balance Sheet
    4. Comparative Balance Sheet
    5. Cash Flow Statement
    6. Comparative Cash Flow Statement
    7. Income Statement
    8. Comparative Income Statement
    9. Sales Invoice by Product Category
    10. Inventory Valuation
    11. Trial Balance
  12. Payments
  13. Settings
    1. Companies
    2. Time Periods
    3. Custom Time Periods
    4. Foreign Exchange Rates
    5. General Ledger Account Category
    6. General Ledger Account Defaults
    7. Invoice Item Types
    8. Payment Gateway Config (Online Payments)
    9. Payment Method Types
    10. Rates
    11. Tax Authorities
    12. Vendors

Demo-data is available, which can be customized to represent your own company. Likewise, the you can create and editor your own accounts through the interface.


By default, the software is based on US GAAP accounting standards. Due to the current limitations, additional efforts are required in order to succesfully set up the software outside of the US. Additional modules, which add european accounting standards, such as the german SKR04, austrian SKR07 or the spanish GPC are currently in development and will be available shortly.