Your own e-commerce system for all purposes

Scipio ERP’s open-source webstore allows you to set-up-shop quickly. Physical or virtual goods, standardized or configurable, subscription based or region based – the store can handle it.

The application is multi-tenant capable, multi-store compatible and internationalised. Advanced price- and taxation rules, geographic sales, full order- & return management, gift-cards & promotions and much, much more – all wrapped up in a truely mobile-friendly package. Customize to your own needs!

Feature Packed




Multiple Checkouts




Built-in iPayment




Configurable Carrier


Modern HTML



Customizable & Easy to Upgrade

Development shouldn’t be difficult!

Scipio ERP ships with a complete Intellij IDEA integration and an extensive templating kit that is easy to learn and leans itself to standardization. We wrapped the most common features of modern html frameworks in an extensive macro library. From the basic content element to charts & sliders – our freemarker library should ease your way into modern web development.

Clean, Modular & Extendable

A shop as versatile as your product line!

Scipio ERP is built to perform well with a wide range of products & configurations. A selection of configurable iPayment providers & carriers, built-in warehouse & stock management & marketing functions come pre-configured. Use the multi-national shop as a basis for multiple installations.

Modern Themes

Change your layout faster!

Scipio ERP is built to seperate your app development from the overlaying theme. Screens are built on our extensive templating framework, that can be customized by the themes. The default themes are based on the popular Zurb Foundation framework. Modern Bootstrap v3 and v4 alternatives are available to our Enterprise Users. We are constantly adding new themes.

Additional Customization Options

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

A wide range of additional customization options are available as Enterprise Addons. If you want to modernize your Shop with social logins, localize your installation to European accounting standards (SKR 03/04, PGC etc.), then this may be an easy way to upgrade your software. All premium products are included in the Commercial license or available for purchase individually through our Scipio ERP Shop.

Great Support!

We don’t leave you stranded!

SLA’s and professional support packages are included in the Enterprise Edition of Scipio ERP. You can also find us on Githuband our community forum – free of charge!

Get in touch!

If you want to build your own e-commerce software, we may be of help. Feel free to drop us a line – we are here to support!

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