Boost sales with a very capable ecommerce platform!A customizable multichannel ecommerce solution with next-generation capabilities that scales with your business.



Screenshots showcasing different online stores

A modern E-Commerce solution

SCIPIO ERP Shop may just be the only omnichannel webstore you’ll ever need. Fully extendable, completely integrated into the ERP business processes and easy to maintain. We made sure that SCIPIO ERP is the right tool for a large array of possibilities: physical or virtual goods, standardized or configurable, subscription based or sold in certain regions. The multi-tenant, multi-store app is a great foundation for whatever you may be looking for.

POS functionality (a mPOS component and jPOS compatibility), as well as various marketplace integrations are also available!

With powerful business applications

SCIPIO ERP is more than just a simple webstore. Bundled with a large set of business applications, SCIPIO ERP is meant to be the foundation for all your business processes. This makes it incredibly easy to integrate with third party applications and extraordinarily extendable, too.

A picture of a handheld device with various logos of products that make the creation of content easier

Boost your productivity

We want you to create an awesome experience for your customers and be efficient at it! We give you the tools to easily fetch and integrate content from a CMS and merge it fully with your dynamic store content.

Enrich your website with powerful AI: From Content (OpenAI), to personalized Search (algolia) to personalized banners and products (fresh relevance).

We even optimize images for you (tinypng).

We got plenty of addons!

We are constantly working on extensions that help you to further customize your own installation of Scipio ERP. From accounting standards (SKR03, SKR04,SKR07, spanish GCP or US GAAP), over AI (OpenAI) to payment (Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Redsys etc), authentication (CAS, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook) and marketplace integrations. We are constantly looking for additional new features that make your store all the more powerful!

A picture showing many of the available integrations
A collection of themes

And it looks the part, too!

Designing your webshop (or backend system) is tricky and needs a flexible system to get it done quickly. That is why with Scipio ERP it is extremely easy to change it the way you like. As a starting point we have premium themes for you that are based on popular html frameworks: Boostrap 3&4, Foundation 6, Bulma and we keep adding more. They all lend themselves to modification and make it easy to adapt to your own flavor.

And even if you are looking to add your very own to the system – all of that can be achieved in a short period of time. We are happy to support you with it, too!