Media File Overview

Media File Overview


Scipio ERP supports an extensive list of medial files that can be uploaded and used inside of all pages. New media files can be added inside of the media (“CMS » Media”) section of the cms. The following filetypes are supported:

  1. Images
    1. Bitmap
    2. Jpeg
    3. PNG
    4. Tiff
    5. Gif
    6. Various other
  2. Videos
    1. MP4
    2. FLV
    3. 3gpp
    4. Quicktime
    5. Various other
  3. Audio files
    1. Mp3
    2. Midi
    3. Wave
  4. Documents
    1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Outlook etc.)
    2. Calendar files (iCal, vCal)
    3. OpenDocuments
    4. Apple iWorks
    5. PDF
    6. EPUB
    7. RTF
    8. Compressed archives (ZIP, RAR, GZip, BZip2 etc.)
    9. XML (HTML, XML)
    10. Plain Text
    11. Executables
Media Upload Form

Media Upload Form

All media types are automatically detected on upload. Once a new file is added, the file is automatically stored in the database. All media files can be inserted into pages or accessed through an individual source location, which can be found on the media file detail page.