Customer Services (“CRM » Sales » Services”) is used to organize customer requests and look-up ongoing-communications between the sales team and potential customers. The section consists of:

  • Communications
  • Requests



The system can be setup to store a variety of conversations. This includes: incoming and out-going emails, order information, shipping information and calls. Some can be manually created by the User Manager application. Communications can have the following information:

  • Recipient & Sender information
  • Subject
  • Contact Type (Email, letter or similar)
  • Date
  • Content
  • Internal note

The screen allows the user to lookup and modify communications.


Requests are forms of communication, in which the sender asks for a specific answer in return. The following cases are available:

  • Request for bug-fix
  • Request for catalog
  • Request for feature
  • Request for information
  • Request for Proposal
  • Request for Quote
  • Request for Support
  • Request for purchase quote

All requests can be assigned to specific parties, product stores and sales channels and can be prioritized according to importance. Requests further feature a status and a request date, as well as a response date, which can be set to determine a specific date in which the request must be answered before becoming obsolete.