Events & Actions

As mentioned in our architecture overview, Scipio ERP relies on a event driven SOA (service oriented architecture). This means that it is possible to define events which will trigger an action. This concept is particularly useful if you want to chain events together. Say you want to create an invoice once an order is completed, then you could chain these to together using events.

Within Scipio ERP we seperate between different types of events:

Depending on your usecase, you can either chain entity events together, or call a service depending on a request, or perform a daily clean-up of your database.Each of which are defined within XML files and are used to trigger actions. All but the Controller events are included through the ofbiz-component.xml, e.g.:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ofbiz-component name="mycomponent"
    <!-- Entity definitions -->
    <entity-resource type="eca" reader-name="main" loader="main" 
    <!-- Service definitions -->
    <service-resource type="eca" loader="main" 
    <!-- JobSandbox -->
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="seed-initial" loader="main" 

    <!-- Other definition -->