Sample product in Scipio ERP

A sample product

Scipio ERP is capable of managing extensive product information through the catalog interface (“Products » Product” ). Virtually all types of products can be realized with Scipio ERP. Since the options are limitless, it is best to understand that Scipio ERP divides products into various base types first, which are then extended upon:

  • Services
  • Fixed Asset Usage
  • Good
  • Raw Material
  • Sub Assembly
  • Finished Good
  • Digital Good
  • Finished / Digital Good
  • Configurable Good
  • Marketing Package (Auto manufactured, pick assembly or generic)
  • Work in Progress
  • Configurable Good Configuration
  • Fixed Asset Usage for Rental
  • Service for product using inventory
  • Configurable Services (using inventory or generic)

Each product type can then be either or a combination of:

  • Virtual and physical products
  • Configurable products
  • Subscription based products
  • Rental products
  • Partial products
  • Raw materials

Each of which can then add their own (i18n) content, such as images, directions, warnings, terms and conditions, special instructions, descriptions, ingredients and more, as well as a large set of pre-defined features (sizes, colors, height, width, length,weight, quantity, subscription length, expiry date etc.).  It is possible to calculate information based on the product features & quantity ordered.

All products can be linked to another. As such it is possible to define variations, substitutes, alternatives, upgrades and more. The following choices are available:

  • Also Bought
  • Upgrade or Up-Sell
  • Complementary or Cross-sell
  • Incompatible with
  • New Version, Replacement
  • Actual Product Component
  • Equivalent or subsistute
  • Product Variant
  • Unique Item
  • Accessory
  • Refurbished Equivalent
  • Repair Service
  • Auto Reoder

All products can be limited to specific geo locations and feature custom attributes, which will be shown on the invoice (useful for adding additional product information, which may not necessarily fit the “feature” description). It is possible to define if and in which quantity products are reordered and by which vendor the reordering process is supposed to happen. Product features include:

  • Accessory
  • Amount
  • Net Weight
  • Artist
  • Billing Feature
  • Brand
  • Care
  • Color
  • Dimension
  • Equipment Class
  • Fabric
  • Genre
  • Gift Wrap
  • Hardware Feature
  • Hazmat
  • License
  • Origin
  • Other Feature
  • Product Quality
  • Size
  • Software Feature
  • Style
  • Symptom
  • Topic
  • Type
  • Warranty
  • Model Year
  • Year Made

All products can be assigned to an unlimited number of categories, which are then added to catalogs. Within Scipio ERP we also automatically roll up products to parent categories in our Solr search engine, so that they are easy to find within the webstore.

It is possible to track the manufacturing process of a product and to assign order-limits per web channel based on stock available and more.