Templating Toolkit

The SCIPIO ERP Templating Toolkit consists of a set of freemarker macros, that are easy to learn and simple to use. The syntax resembles W3C HTML patterns, such as table, script, form, img, etc and adds new, such as row, cell, slider for the most common html components. The macros not only simplify the overall patterns, they also automate the created html. By relying on our toolkit, you not only cut development time, you are also creating framework independent code. So next time you switch the frontend-framework you don’t have to update your html.

<@row attr="" >
    <@cell attr=""/>

The SCIPIO ERP templating toolkit elements add new options that can be added as attributes. For example, whereas <@table> will create a default table, <@table responsive=true> will generate the very same with added resizing for smaller devices. The available options and their respective use are outlined by the subsequent documents.


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