Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Scipio ERP versions?

Scipio ERP’s Community Edition is distributed as an Open Source software. The project is packaged as-is. We do not provide any warranty, but we can support you on request (usual rates apply). Get in touch for a quote!

Scipio ERP’s Enterprise Edition is our premium package. It gives you access to all our addons and a full service level agreement, so that you can rely on our support any day of the week. Warranty included.

Can I get a different theme/design?
Every version of Scipio ERP comes with a set of customizable themes. We worked hard on implementing them as closely to the frameworks as can be, so they are a great starting point for your own modification. The Community Edition bundles with Zurb Foundation based themes, a bootstrap version is available for purchase. Additionally, you can hire us to work on a new theme for you.
Can I redistribute my own products based on Scipio ERP?
Yes, you are free to repackage our software and bundle it with your own.
Is Scipio ERP compatible with Apache OFBiz?
Yes, Scipio ERP is currently compatible with Apache OFBiz. Scipio ERP began as a fork of the project and OFBiz projects can be run on top of the Scipio ERP’s framework. Take a look at our migration guide for further information.
Are you going to add support for OFBiz 16.x ?
There have always been plans to support a wider range of OFBiz branches. In fact, our release numbers do have a reference to the OFBiz branch they were built on (1.14.x). However, at the current state there are various reasons as to why we do not support OFBiz release 16.x or later:


  1. We do not feel it is quite ready, yet
    We are closely following the mailing list and do regular cross version tests. Our own own perception is that the release has been pushed early by the OFBiz community and does not provide the stability for a proper production use
  2. There is no technical benefit
    The OFBiz community has been focusing on core changes that change fundamental aspects of the system (such as the introduction of a new build-tool or the change of java package names, which effects all classes), but do not necessarily provide a ‘better’ functionality for its users.
  3. Migration is difficult
    The recent core changes require an entire rewrite of all components provided with the system. As a result all our current users would be forced to migrate their own custom components in order to be compatible with the new release. This, btw, is also the case for all OFBiz users in general, who have worked with previous releases of the software.
    Unfortunately, this migration effort can be quite costly and time-consuming. We feel that at the current state our effort is therefore better spent on other aspects of our system.
Is Scipio ERP compatible with Magnolia CMS?
A Magnolia CMS integration is available as part of our Commercial Edition. It currently runs on Magnolia 5.x.