Catalogs & Categories

Category Detail

Catalogs and categories are separate entities within Scipio ERP. It is easiest to visualize catalogs as old-time mail-order catalogs, which contain categories in which all of the products are included. Just like mail-order catalogs, catalogs can have a start and expiration date and can have custom configurations, such as a custom stylesheet, which may override the visuals for as long as the catalog is active, or an individual logo. Most importantly, all catalogs act as containers for categories, however, so it is easy to switch entire category trees whenever it is desired. All webstores (online shops) should have at least one catalog assigned at all times.

Categories are containers for products. They are the means to group products together, give users a simple way to navigate and to apply special rules (taxes, promotions) based on a product group. All categories can contain other categories in a hierarchical manner and can be assigned to multiple catalogs at a time. Categories can also  feature their own content (description texts, alternative access urls, images, videos etc, which are then automatically rendered in the webstore.