Release Notes & Roadmap

Release Notes tell you what’s new in Scipio ERP. We outline all of the larger changes to a given release and try to give an overview of what’s to come. Please be aware, that the release notes of unreleased versions are not finalized and can change drastically during the development.

Future Releases:


Unreleased Versions


Status Changelog
PendingAll information can change significantly before the release. Planned: (General Bugfix & Code Quality Improvements)


  • New: Standalone Configuration App
  • New (EE only): CAS Server & Client implementation
  • New (SKR03/SKR04): Datev Import/Export
  • New: ASCII CSV based Import/Export of Accounting settings
  • Scipio Demo migration to Ignite Admin themes
  • New UI Element: Searchbar for Backend Applications
  • New (EE only): Mobile App wrapper for iOS / Android, based on Apache Cordova
  • New (EE only): POS Implementation
  • New (EE only): Updated LDAP Integration
  • Entity Migration Tools
  • Migration to Gradle
  • CMS: Better Multi-Lang support
  • Improvements on UI / Automated Tests
  • Solr Improvements
    • Script to create Schema more easily
    • Migration to v.7 or ElasticSearch

2.0.0 (previously: 1.14.5)

Status Changelog

Detailed Release Notes

Planned: (General Bugfix & Code Quality Improvements)

  • Build-Tools
    • Added download tasks for all preconfigured database drivers
  • Continuous Integration
  • Better & complete German translations
  • Updated Seed-Data & Revised Seed loading
  • Git-Addons Improvements
  • Better US-Letter support
  • Better Email Templates
  • Support for Bitcoin values in applications & new Bitcoin and Lightning labels
  • Templating toolkit
    • Added <@qrcode macro for qr code generation
    • @alert_markup: fix space generation (js bugfix)
    • @cell: fix style parameter
    • Improved image generation and added srcset support to <@img macro
    • Added support for style attributes on code macro
    • Added word-wrap on code blog, to fix a visual bug for overflowing code blocks.
  • New utility functions
  • Overall stability improvements (large rework of all components)
  • Better Websocket support
  • Updated: Marketing component
  • Updated Order Management Screens
  • Updated Warehouse Management Application
  • Updated: Setup component (fully functional)
  • Updated demo data generators
  • New (EE only): Excel Plugin
    • Order Data
    • User Data
    • Product & Category Data
  • New: Angular Shop prototype (released)
  • New: Workeffort component
  • New: Manufacturing Component
  • New (EE only): Project Management component
  • Theme Improvements
    • Ignite Admin & Shop improvements
    • Security / dependency fixes for all themes
  • New (EE only): Support for additional payment providers
    • Bitcoin (Lightning) Payment support
    • Redsys
    • Stripe
  • New: Intellij Plugin
  • Security Updates
  • Dependency Modernization

Released Versions


Status Changelog
  • New: Scipio Plugin Shop (Released:
    • New:  Webstore for an easy access to the enterprise addons & themes.
    • New (EE only):  Downloadable European Accounting standards (SKR 04, SKR 07, KMU-Kontenrahmen etc.) – released over time
    • New (EE only):  Downloadable Shop Extensions
    • New (EE only): Apache Camel component
    • New (EE only): Social Shop Login
      • Facebook
      • Google+
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
  • New: SEO & Store Improvements
    • Speaking URLs (Released on Github)
    • Sitemap-Generator (Released on Github)
    • Simplified URL Configuration
    • New: URL Filter and Optimized Servlets
    • New: User Ratings & Review system (with management screens in Catalog Manager)
  • New: Scipio Setup Component
    • Simplified Configuration process, covering:
      • Organization
      • Accounting
      • Warehouse / Facilities
      • Store
      • Catalog & Products
      • System users
    • Graphical Workflow
  • Templating Toolkit improvements
    • Improved img macro implementation
    • Lookup-field improvements
  • Updated Party services
  • Human Resource
    • Updated Application process
    • Updated Profile screens
  • RTL (right-to-left) theme support
  • Performance Improvements
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Party Management
    • Order Management
  • Apache Solr search optimization & various bugfixes
  • New: CMS component
    • New: Graphical Page editor
      • Page-Treeview
      • Automatically lists existing requests of all Website endpoints (incl. controller entries)
      • Can override existing requests
      • Compatible with default Scipio rendering
      • User-friendly Page editor built entirely on-top of template definitions
      • Extended Wysiwyg editor
        • Media Gallery
        • Custom Tags
        • Automated Links
    • New: Graphical Template editor (for Assets, Templates, Variables, Scripts)
      • Divided between Page- and Asset-Templates (smaller components)
      • Allows creation and editing of freemarker templates
      • Allows creation of variables that are rendered as fields in Page editor
      • Supports templating toolkit & OFBiz macros as well as widget rendering
    • New: Media Editor
      • Allows creation and editing media files (video, images, audio) stored in database
    • New: Menu Editor
    • New: CMS Groovy file editor
      • Create and manage script that are called prior to page rendering (available for assets & templates and on specific pages)
  • Updated: CRM component
  • New: ANT tasks to create components:
    • create-component-shop-override” for a shop-component that inherits functions from original shop component and simplifies the customization process
    • “create-theme” for an empty theme component with recommended folder structure and examples
  • Apache Solr improvements
  • New: MariaDB Support
  • Changed: Removed support for outdated databases (Sybase, Daffodil & Axion)
  • Changed: Entity Export now creates zip files stored in database.
  • Security fixes
    • Apache Solr Upgrade
    • Various other libraries
  • Various Bugfixes



Status Changelog
  • External library updates: Apache FOP 2.2, Freemarker 2.3.25, and many more
  • New: Addons Directory
    • New: Addon mechanism
  • New & Updated: Accounting Screens (Rollout began Jan. 25th 2017)
    • Widget & Controller Refactoring
    • Removal of AP/AR sub-components (merged with & redirecting to accounting)
    • Updated Menu Structure
    • Updated / Revised Report screens
    • Updated Chart of account screens
    • New: Chart of account tree
    • New: Transaction Overview
    • New: Transaction CSV Export
    • Creditor / Debtor Screens
  • New: Service to auto-update daily currency conversion rates
  • New: Partial Page Renderer for AJAX based page reloads (Rollout began May 16th 2017)
    • Supported Types: RequestURI, View
    • Partial or full page rendering (rendering target selection)
  • New: Email template rendering (Rollout began Jan. 25th 2017)
  • New: Revamped email templates (Rollout began Jan. 25th 2017)
  • New: Tabs macro, based on (Foundation, Bootstrap) (Rollout began Mar. 23rd 2017)
  • New: revamped invoice templates (Rollout began Dec. 21st 2016)
  • New (EE only): Magnolia Update to V 5.4.x
  • New: Shop & Admin themes “Ignite” (Preview available on demo)
    • New: Experimental “TurboLinks” – a soft-reload feature for graphical interfaces. (Announcement)
  • New: System messages
    • SECA & EECA in place for a variety of system messages (order creation, order cancellation, new tasks, new communication event etc.)
  • New: USPS API Updated to v4 & misc fixes in shipping api implementation
  • New: Split sidebar into “Actions” & “Navigation”
  • Mass screen and menu updates and fixes (Rollout began Jan. 25th 2017)
  • Complex menu widget changes (see widget-menu.xsd)
  • Screen widget language additions and improvements, such as
    • Master if directive for actions
    • if-true/if-false shorthand conditions
    • Inline (groovy) script support (script element)
    • Inline (freemarker) template support (html-template element)
    • More versatile section element (for better actions-only screens)
    • More (see widget-screen.xsd and widget-common.xsd)
  • CRM Screen Fixes
  • Security fixes
  • Various Bugfixes
    • CRM Chart screens
    • Order Manager Quickshipping
    • Shop Login Form – on enter event now triggers correctly
    • Theme fixes
    • Label fixes
    • Various other


Status Changelog
Released Multilevel Menus, Screen-refactoring & Bugfix Release (Rollout began Sept 19th on Github trunk):

  • New: Extension of menu-widget definition for multi-level menu support and patterns for all backend applications (see Common and Admin components CommonScreens.xml & widget-menu.xsd)
    • Migration to multi-level nested menus
    • New: Common*AppSideBarMenu pattern
    • More control on highlighting
  • New: Integration of Docs into the Admin App Sidebar (Development menu item)
  • Templating Toolkit API standardization: (Ref: Updated templating toolkit docs)
    • Standardized language escaping behavior (HTML, Javascript, etc.) across all macros (description in htmlTemplate)
    • Enhanced security for all templates, enhanced macro abstraction and reuse
    • Changes to widget renderer HTML escaping behavior: all now consistently use point-of-use escaping
    • Enabled screen HTML auto-escaping on all major HTML rendering vectors that previously used different escaping methods, notably widget renderer macros (affects macro implementation view of data model – now consistent and safer)
    • All URL generation macros now offer escaping options and can be escaping-aware (default behavior of stock @ofbizUrl unchanged, for compatibility)
  • Content URL generation (ofbizContentUrl) fixes
  • Updated Template standardizations in all applications
  • New: Screen directives for *Screens.xml files (see widget-screen.xsd)
  • New:  Various Decorator Updates & Simplifications
    • Common*AppDecorator simplifcation: We added an extra wrapper around main-decorator to simplify other screens/decorators and enhance extensibility (previously problematic w.r.t. permission handling)
    • New pattern for missing decorator handling (via mainDecoratorLocation), for all applications, using new screen-settings directive and auto-included settings system (based on presence of CommonScreens.xml) – designed to solve webapp extensibility problems in stock Ofbiz and simplify decorator locations
    • *ContentWrapper utility class simplification – now behave like most other variables (no StringWrapper – screen auto HTML escaping instead)
  • New:  Better label utilities: getLabel and variants – support explicit arguments from templates to labels in the label map (missing in stock ofbiz)
  • Various Theme updates
  • Template and screen refactors and fixes for all applications (various)
  • Framework and library fixes
  • Various Bugfixes


Status Changelog
Released Initial Release based on Apache OFBiz 14.07:

  • New: templating toolkit (standardization of html in freemarker &
  • Includes new standardizes elements
  • New: Foundation CSS based Backoffice themes
    • Metro (a modern admin theme)
    • Base (an unstyled foundation theme)
  • New: Modern E-Commerce theme
    • Foundation-Shop
  • New: Modern e-Commerce store
  • New: Modern backoffice applications
    • Demo:
    • Migration to templating toolkit
    • Simplification & standardization of UI Elements
    • New & Updated screens
    • Various bug-fixes
    •  Update on all menus (so that they are coherent & understandable)
  • Various Bugfixes to the framework
  • Groovy file rewrites
  • Label fixes
  • General code clean-up
  • Updated rendering engine
  • Full solr integration
  • Migration towards new Scipio ERP application set
    • Accounting (combines AP, AR, Accounting)
    • Asset Management
    • Catalog Management
    • Facility Management / Warehouse Management
    • Manufacturing
    • CRM (replaces SFA, parts of Catalog management)
    • Human Resource Management
    • Order Management
    • User Management
    • Shop
    • Solr
  • Marked undesired functionality for removal in future Scipio ERP releases
  • New (EE only): Bootstrap Material CSS based premium Backoffice theme
  • New (EE only): Magnolia Enterprise CMS integration (“Mace”)
    • Full integration into the rendering flow
    • Ubiquituous API for Magnolia & Scipio templates
    • New: Request-Flow Magnolia Application for creation and editing of requests
    • New: Magnolia Applications for direct access of Scipio ERP functionalities
    • New: Example implementation of Magnolia templates for Webstore overrides