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Better Facebook Ads with Facebook Conversions API

Did you know that you can improve your Ad Spending on Meta by pushing data to the network? Well, with our newest addon, we make it very easy to participate!

The Facebook Conversion API addon hooks itself into Scipio’s Controller Events and automatically pushes data to Meta’s server-side, making it possible to track events such as successful purchases or form submissions in a more accurate and efficient manner. It takes as little as adding your facebook ID to our store properties and our integration will take care of the rest.


  • Easy to setup
  • Improves Meta Ad Conversions & Reduces Costs by doing so
  • Improved connectivity reduces cost per result
  • Optimized ads for actions that happen later in the customer journey
  • Improved measurement increases event matching, leading to lower costs per result
  • Increased control over data improves accuracy and reliability

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