An image showing the Scipio ERPbackoffice theme based on the popular bulma html framework.

Scipio ERP Quietly Adds Matomo Addon

Scipio ERP is pleased to announce the addition of the Matomo addon, which has been available for months now for our enterprise clients. The Matomo addon integrates the popular Google analytics and Google Tag Manager alternative into Scipio ERP, giving businesses access to detailed insights about how customers interact with their website.

Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a web analytics platform that provides detailed reports about visitors on a website. It can be self-hosted and therefore allows you to manage the extend of which data is being collected or shared with other networks. You will also always be aware of where the data is stored.

By integrating Matomo into Scipio ERP, businesses can harness the power of Matomo and make informed decisions about their business. With its privacy-first approach, compatibility with Google Analytics, and no impact on page performance when using the API integration, it’s an ideal choice for businesses looking to gain more insights into their customers’ behavior.

The integration auto-inserts itself into all controller requests, allowing you to track requests server-side automatically. For event-tracking a tiny javascript file needs to be added to your Shop theme.


  • Improved Optimize campaigns and target specific audiences
  • No impact on page performance when using the API integration
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager style offerings
  • Compatible with Google Analytics and other platforms (for ease of migration)
  • Events can be synchronized
  • Privacy protection for both you and your customers