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Scipio ERP Adds Amazon Marketplace Integration

We are extraordinarily happy to announce the addition of Amazon Marketplace integration to its suite of services. This integration makes it easier than ever for businesses selling on Amazon to manage their inventory, orders, and sales data between the two platforms.

The addon uses the Amazon Seller API to sync inventory and order information in real-time. This allows businesses to track sales performance and inventory levels across both platforms with ease. The addon also provides automated processes for creating invoices and shipping labels, as well as generating reports to gain insights into marketplace performance. It also simplifies the return management process.

For businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace, the addon is an invaluable tool that makes managing your seller account easier than ever. With its automated processes, improved visibility, and streamlined order fulfillment, this addon is sure to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.


  • Automatically syncing inventory and sales information
  • Real-time sales and inventory data
  • Invoices and shipping labels for orders placed on Amazon Marketplace
  • Automated fulfillment processes for faster order fulfillment
  • Return Management for Amazon orders