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New POS Feature

We have been working on a POS feature for you over the last few months, which is tailored to the requirements of the retail trade. Interlinked with inventory management and financial accounting, you have all your item and stock data always available.

Our user-friendly mPOS solution offers a clear navigation and enables an easy implementation with functions such as:

✔ Connection of any number of cash registers

✔ Use of various payment methods (cash, EC cards, credit cards, stripe)

✔ Barcode & QR-Code scanning of EAN and article numbers

✔ Connection to receipt printers

✔ Generation and management of vouchers and various discount functions

✔ Documents of cancellation bookings, withdrawals or returns

✔ Simple daily closing

✔ Access to your article database through central data management

✔ Quick entry of cash transactions

✔ Posting of cash vouchers, withdrawals and the payment of invoices in the accounting system.

✔ Internationally usable


And of course the additional functionality that comes with Scipio ERP, such as dynamic price rules, multi-language support, multi-store support, various tax rules, etc. etc.


You can find it here: