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Memo: Java 11 Compatibility

We are glad to announce that ScipioERP will soon fully default to Java 11. Since Java 8 support has substantially waned and new versions of essential libraries now require Java 11, it is recommended to upgrade to Java 11, a stable long-term release. ScipioERP supports stable releases. The build is adapted to running on either versions, but custom components may need code adaptations due to changes in the JDK and developers may need to tweak their development environment. To make migration easier there will be log output including deprecation warnings during the build to guide you in finding classes that need an upgrade. Any warnings from stock ScipioERP files (such as Nashorn) can be ignored and will be removed eventually. All current core functionality has been updated and tested to work with both Java 8 and 11, but Java 8 should be considered deprecated as it will become obsolete and impossible to support due to third-party libraries.

You can find a general migration guide for updating the JDK here and here.

For Linux servers and workstations, it is usually recommended to install the operating-system provided version of OpenJDK through the package manager. For advanced uses, workarounds and development, it is also possible to build and install OpenJDK from the upstream project here.