Ilscipio is partnering with Fresh Relevance

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be powerful tools to increase your online stores conversion rate. It allows you to personalize content, automate the creation of newsletters and in turn improve your customer experience. To offer our customers a great option for this, we partnered up with Fresh Relevance.

Fresh Relevance is a real-time personalization and optimization platform for analyzing customer data. Using behavioral and transactional data, you can instantly analyze your customers’ preferences and directly address their user experience. Engage with your customers with relevant content via email, web, mobile or social channels in real time.

We can help you in setting everything up for your installation. Our client already uses this integration.

The result:

– improved conversions,

– higher customer value and customer loyalty as well as

– increase in sales


Please contact us directly if you are interested in using FreshRelevance for  your ScipioERP installation. We already did the work for you and can set you up in no time!