New Addon: Wordpress Integration

Marketers love WordPress for its ease-of-use, wide-ranging plugins and simple setup, but when it comes to integrating your blog to your online store, WordPress can be a challenging task to handle. In the past we’ve often opted for clunky integrations, where we’d try to match the design and menu structure of the blog in the style of the marketplace. Today we are happy to say: now there’s a better solution available!

We just released a new enterprise addon for Scipio-ERP, which fully integrates WordPress fully via API! Gone are the days where your customer leave the online store to get to your blog posts.

Our new addon fully integrates itself into the CMS component and adds the wide range of new functions & services that can be used to pull pages, posts, media, categories, tags, comments and more.

Here’s a full list of the features:

  • New screens to manage wordpress accounts
  • WordPress API Integration, consisting of services to:
    • GetWordpressPages
    • GetWordpressPosts
    • GetWordpressMedia
    • GetWordpressComments
    • GetWordpressCategories
    • GetWordpressTags
  • Templating Toolkit Macros
    • Function (results can be filtered and return single item via id)
      • getWpPages
      • getWpPosts
      • getWpMedia
      • getWpComments
      • getWpCategories
      • getWpTags

The  addon is available to all our enterprise clients, but you may also get in touch for a personal quote.