Updating products on google has never been easier!

Now available for the SCIPIO-ERP addon system: a complete google shopping integration. Google shopping adds full support for indexing documents to Google’s Shopping Content API with focus on Products.


  • ECA-based product updates as well as full reindexing which can be scheduled on regular basis, using the batch API (https://developers.google.com/shopping-content/guides/products/batch-mode)
  • Newly improved ECA support attempts to minimize the number of external requests with a global queue and buffering of products and generated documents
  • Fully configurable for store-specific configurations, localization and performance settings
  • Client code simply overrides document builders to generate custom documents
  • Reuses Solr documents and indexing for faster full reindexing even with thousands of documents
  • Access keys for configured merchant accounts automatically fetched and re-cached as they expire
  • Error-handling retries for robustness and problematic connections

Check out our end-user documentation for further information about the google shopping integration