We are changing our plugin license

Within the past few months we have worked tirelessly on our plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA and improved many aspects over its course. What started as a simple editor for the Scipio ERP XML files, has turned into a full blown IDE that touches every aspect of development. We added a complete custom Freemarker interpreter to support our very own Templating Toolkit macros, added new menu and context actions, updated the structure view, enabled references for specific common elements and added autocomplete as well as documentation for most and even touched on the way you load and start your projects. In short: we aim to make your development work as easy as can be.

But as we continue to invest into our open-sourced Scipio ERP, we have decided to turn the plugin into a paid tool to finance our work. We hope you understand that development is costly and as an open-source project, we have come to work on many aspects of the software that you can use for free. So we have come to ask you for your support by migrating to the licensed version of the IntelliJ plugin. A free 30 day trial of the newest release is also available.

We are also happy to announce to our existing users of the Enterprise Edition, that you are eligible for a free license key for all current active developers. We are also handing out discounts to contributors to the project. So reach out to us for your free or discounted registration key.