Scipio ERP 2.0.0 is here and it is another evolution of the software. For this release we focused on security, continuous integration, various application improvements and new developer tools, while also adding further premium plugins for our Enterprise clients.


New Features

New Developer Tools

IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in

We have created a new IDE plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA which makes it much easier to setup and work with Scipio ERP projects. Features:

  • Scipio project import
    • Automatic marking of src as source directories
    • Automatic marking of and lib as jar library roots.
  • Templating Toolkit- & Freemarker -support
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Auto-complete
  • Recognition of Scipio config files (Custom icons for each config file type)
  • Recognition of component file locations (starting with “component://”)
  • Navigating to services, entities and view entities (by clicking on their names)
  • Custom Structured Views for all file types
  • Quick help and full docs (Ctrl-Q) for
    • components
    • services
    • screens
    • entities
    • Templating Toolkit macros
    • etc.
  • Navigating to Java classes and methods referenced by service definitions
  • Run configuration templates

Excel Plugin

Simplify your data import with Excel

Import and Export data with our new Excel plug-in. This Enterprise Edition exclusive allows the synchronization of Order, User, Product & Category data right from within Excel. All sources are provided alongside the new component so that the Excel plug-in can be customized.

Lightning (Bitcoin) Payments

Run your own Bitcoin node and accept Lightning payments

Be one of the first to accept Lightning (Bitcoin) payments. Lightning is one of the fastest growing Bitcoin implementations and is known to be the most popular second layer Bitcoin technology to date. Our Enterprise exclusive lightning integration allows you to run your own network and be one of the first to accept Lightning payments.

Even More Features

  • New: Angular Shop prototype (released on Github)
  • New: Manufacturing Component
  • New: Workeffort component
  • New (EE only): Project Management component
  • New (EE only): Redsys payment integration
  • New: Support for more continuous integration frameworks (Jacoco, Cobertura, Travis, Code Climate and SonarCloud)
  • New: US letter template (can be configured as alternative to default DinA4)
  • Improved Email templates
  • Complete translation of all german labels
  • Better websocket support
  • Updated: Setup component
  • Various theme improvements
  • New templating toolkit qrcode macro and various improvements
  • Updated admin data generators
  • Git-Addon improvements
  • Major updates to all applications

Even more Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Close to 1000 changes have been applied to all major components, addressing broken links, updated functionality, bugs and more
  • More than 50 libraries were updated
  • Over 500 OFBiz bugs were squashed
  • 50 security issues have been addressed
  • In total the release notes span over 47 pages


For a complete list of all changes, please refer to our Release Notes .