Let’s not kid ourselves: Scipio ERP is most often used by mid- to large-size businesses who are looking to add a complex e-commerce store to the mix. It is a niche in which our clients demand an enormous feature-set, coupled with a fitting modern design. It is tricky to show both off in a generic demo application, which is why we so far has opted for a very generic look-and-feel.

To make up, we often opted to showcase specialized demos to our Enterprise clients and stuck with our generic demos for the public, but these are now days of the past!  In preparation for our release 1.14.5 we are adding additional demo applications & themes for anyone to try. As a start, “Major League” has been added to the system, which happens to be a stylish interpretation of a generic retail store. Additional themes “Ignite Fall” and “Major League” have been made available to backend users as well.

Interested? Then take a look at our

Major League Demo.