A new Excel Add-In is currently being developed, which grants our users direct access to Order-, Product- and Catalog data of their own Scipio ERP installation. This is particularly handy for those of us, who are looking for a nifty little spreadsheet to keep track of current affairs. A feature to import data back into the system (for a simplified workflow) is currently being discussed as well.

Now to the good news: As we are still testing the new component, we are interested in honest user feedback… and this is where you come in: We are currently looking for 2-3 users, who are willing to test and give their thoughts on the current state of development. All beta testers will be given full access to the component at our Scipio Extranet and will be able to keep access to the component after release. This will allow you to open bug reports like other enterprise users and receive enterprise support on future releases of the component.

Interested? Then come drop us a line at the community forum.