Software Updates in April

April saw a general focus on overall code quality & security and put our attention to the human resource application and user profile pages. We realized that an application for keeping track of your own time was missing ever since we launched Scipio, so we decided on bringing back the “Workeffort” application.

Questions from the inbox

Scipio ERP is a flexible development kit that can be used for countless business applications. We receive a lot of questions about the software, so we figured it would make sense to document some of the answers.

New: Customer Reviews & Ratings

Nothing beats proper customer recommendations. When it comes to making eCommerce sales, allowing users to review and rate products is often a desirable function. As we are always on the lookout for new and exciting eCommerce functionality, we are now introducing our own review and rating system to the Scipio ERP eCommerce application

New: Social Logins

Social Logins can help reduce the registration process to a mere formality and can be found anywhere on the web. We therefore added various new social logins to the system, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Easy integrations with Apache Camel

Apache Camel is now available as an Enterprise Addon. The Scipio Camel component adds a complete Apache Camel instance to Scipio, empowering you to use the broad variety of protocols supported by Camel to expose your services or use external services.

Updated Product Roadmap

As development progresses on the much anticipated release 1.14.4 we wanted to draw attention to our product road-map in general. For us, the product road-map equals a dynamic wish-list in which we keep track of all internal development.

Scipio awarded ‘Great User Experience’ Award

We are proud to announce that Scipio ERP just won the 'Rising Star 2017' and 'Great User Experience' award by FinancesOnline. The team behind FinancesOnline collects and analyzes hundreds of business applications and evaluates...

Move to Java JDK 1.8

In an effort to support newer and updated libraries and several enhancements, SCIPIO ERP will now officially require a Java JDK 1.8 or higher compatible installation. This change is effective immediately for the Git dev/master branch and will apply to the next...

New: Scipio  Shop & eCommerce Sale!

New: Scipio Shop & eCommerce Sale!

We’re very excited to announce that the Enterprise Addons are now available for everyone! Each Enterprise Addon is easy to install and allows you to further customize Scipio ERP to your own needs. Regardless of whether you need to run Scipio ERP as a European company,...

Version 1.14.3 is here!

Scipio ERP 1.14.3 is here and it is a major step forward! Our focus has been on the accounting application, which we improved on all levels: new screens, restructured menus, simplified directory structure, cleaned up sources and more. Accounting is now ready for...

Updated: USPS Shipping API

Besides our main focus on the accounting application, Release 1.14.3 will also contain a long list of bugfixes and improvements that have been long overdue. One of which will be the updated USPS API, which allows the...

Improved Navigation

Our user interfaces have come a long way since we introduced Scipio ERP, but one thing has been bugging us for some time: Sometimes menu items lead to pages that are connected to the currently viewed screen. Products, for...

User Notifications

User notifications are playing an important role in modern user interfaces. And although Scipio ERP has always had the means to signal the user of page-events, we felt that there was a significant lack of notifications that can...

Upcoming: Ignite Premium Themes

While our work on Release 1.14.3 continues, we are also taking some time to extend our back-catalog on visual themes. We love implementing new themes, as each implementation teaches us valuable insights into how our work...