Magnolia Connector

Intuitive & Centralized Management

In today’s market it is important to stay in control of every aspect of your business. Reality shows that business software is complex and complexity leads to over-engineered interfaces.

Through its powerful Magnolia Module, Scipio ERP is different and gives you direct access to all applications in one centralized package. Use the dashboard to have a look at the ingoing orders, while you add another landingpage to promote your sales. Administer all areas of your company through the intuitive & mobile backoffice application, all combined in one slick environment.

Powerful Business Applications

Scipio ERP isn’t your standard CMS eCommerce Plugin, it is a full business solution. Based on Apache OFBiz, a wide range of business applications is readily available – free of cost!

Scipio ERP offers: an advanced eCommerce Solution, product information management (PIM), promotion & price management, order management, customer management (CRM), warehouse management, accounting, manufacturing and much, much more.

Direct Data Access

Scipio ERP is based on one of the most thought-out data models and shines at running business logic. Magnolia on the other hand is one of the best content management system you can get your hands on. Scipio ERP delivers an integration of both in one powerful application.

Forget about APIs – Scipio ERP shares the context of both applications. Want to use process specific data in your pages? Have access to product or customer information, in your templates? Create a custom checkout page, or display complexe graphs? Scipio ERP offers direct access to all context data and further provides you with the tools to add new variables and scripts along the way.

Process Editor

The Scipio ERP process viewer displays the entire request flow in a tree. Reuse existing processes and modify the page results. Want to create a product specifc checkout process with a custom design? Now you can!

Use the graphical interface to: duplicate and delete request flows, override page results, create page-redirects & forwards.

Interested in this Premium Plugin?

Scipio ERP’s Magnolia Connector is available as a premium plugin. Get in touch for a price offer.