Lightning (Bitcoin)

Accept Lightning Payments

Be the first to accept Lightning (Bitcoin) payments with our Lightning Addon!

We integrated Lightning Payments using the LND implementation of the Lightning network. Lightning promises fast Bitcoin transactions, low costs and a largely improved scalability.

Historical Price Data

Bitcoin exchange rates are updated regularly and price data will be stored accurately for future reference.

Complete Order Process

Treat Lightning (Bitcoin) payments like any other payment method. From order creation, through eMail notifications over to proper paper work – we do it.

Simplified Bitcoin Payments

Our addon makes it easy to add Bitcoin payment functionality to your webstore. Install the addon, setup Lightning, configure the webstore and you’re done!

Proper Paperwork

We fully support Bitcoin – all the way through.

We fully support the cross-conversion between Bitcoin and other currencies. All exchange rates are kept in history so that you are safe for future audits. Create proper legal documents, from order confirmations to invoices. We support Bitcoin payments all the way through.

Low Transaction Fees


Low Transaction Fees


Faster than Bitcoin


Anonymous Transactions

We rely on LND – the most popular Lightning implementation

Run your own independent Payment Gateway and benefit from the low transaction costs, anonymous transactions and fast Bitcoin transactions without any Intermediaries.



Prototype Technology

Lightning technology is very early-stage and various limitations do apply:

  1. Payment limitations
    1. Channel Amount is limited to 0.16777216 Bitcoin – a new Channel must be manually opened and funded once Channel limit is reached
    2. Individual Transaction Amount is limited to 0.04194304 Bitcoin
  2. Lack of error notifications
    1. You will not receive updates about errors within the Lightning network
    2. You will not receive updates about errors within Lightning transactions
  3. A full Bitcoin node is required
  4. A full Lightning node is required
  5. Both Lightning and Bitcoin must be installed alongside Scipio ERP

For this reason we recommend Lightning payments only for demo-purposes.