Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the SCIPIO ERP versions?

SCIPIO ERP’s Community Edition is distributed as an Open Source software. The project is packaged as-is. We do not provide any warranty and only limited developer support through our community forum.

SCIPIO ERP’s Professional contains the standard Community Edition with added developer support. The developer support is provided by our own developers, who can help you set-up the product, customize it & diminish nasty bugs. Like the Community Edition, no additional warranty is provided.

SCIPIO ERP’s Commercial Edition is our premium package. Our service fee contains the extended Enterprise version that comes bundled with our fantastic Magnolia CMS integration. Additional support is provided. Warranty included.

Can I get a different theme/design?

Every version of SCIPIO ERP comes with a set of customizable themes. We worked hard on implementing them as closely to the frameworks as can be, so they are a great starting point for your own modification. The Community Edition bundles with Zurb Foundation based themes, a bootstrap version is available for purchase. Additionally, you can hire us to work on a new theme for you.

Can I redistribute my own products based on SCIPIO ERP?

Yes, you are free to repackage our software and bundle it with your own.

Is SCIPIO ERP compatible with Apache OFBiz?

Yes, SCIPIO ERP is currently compatible with Apache OFBiz. SCIPIO ERP began as a fork of the project and OFBiz projects can be run on top of the SCIPIO ERP’s framework. Take a look at our migration guide for further information.

Is SCIPIO ERP compatible with Magnolia CMS?

A Magnolia CMS integration is available as part of our Commercial Edition. It currently runs on Magnolia 5.x.

What is on your future roadmap?
  1. Simplification
    Our current priority is on simplifying all development. We want to further streamline all screens and work on the source so that it will get easier and easier to maintain. Our templating toolkit was only the first step.
  2. New Process-Flow Engine
    The current process-flow works well, but could benefit from a hierarchical request structure. This would further digress from the OFBiz controller, but would make it easier to create hierarchical request structures and lay the foundation for a standard content management system.
  3. Content Management
    We plan on developing a new content management system that comes bundled with all versions of the software.
  4. More Themes
    Themes are great and are the pulse of a lively community. We want to give you more themes to choose from.
  5. Better Guides & Examples
    Nobody is born an expert, that’s why we want to make it easier to adapt and learn the SCIPIO ERP ways.