Order Management


The order management application (“Order”), features all things related to orders, quotes, requests & returns. The application is split into:

  1. Orders  (Order Lookup Screen) – (to be merged with “order list” in a future release)
  2. Order Entry (Order Creation)
  3. Order List / Filter (List of orders)
  4. Quotes (price offers)
  5. Requests (questions raised by customers)
  6. Requirements (Requirement management)
  7. Returns (products returned to company)
  8. Stats (order statistics; gross sales)

Before heading over to the individual screens, it may be important to understand a few underlying concepts:

There is a distinction between sales orders and purchase Orders. Sales orders are orders placed by customers, whereas a purchase order is one where the company itself is ordering products from a supplier. Regardless of the type of an order, orders go through a lifecycle, which can be visualized as the following:


The above is of course only a simplification. In reality, both the orders can be in quite different states, for example “order hold”, “order cancelled”, “order rejected”,”return cancelled”, “return manual refund” and so on. But the concept should be clear: there is a certain lifecycle attached to an order and a return and depending on the state the system is expected to do certain things. This concept is important to understand, as one can make use of it later-on to notify users, or screen the progress. The same is true for requests and quotes and the many subprocesses (like payment, shipment) also.